How To Make A Homemade, All Natural Deodorant For Men

How To Make A Homemade, All Natural Deodorant For Men

If you make your own cleaning products, you likely love that you can get your home sparkling clean without any dangerous chemicals, like those found in most name brand cleaning products You also probably know that homemade cleaners can smell pretty...blah. Soap recipes for the serious minded can be found all over the web (they're lengthy) but soap combinations were dreamed up of my favorite things: a goat milk-based chai spice; egg-based amber; antibacterial tea tree oil and poppy seeds; oatmeal; kahlua and coffee; and of course, lavender and sandalwood.

how to make homemade deodorantI just bathed my dog with this mixture except i accidently got the clear liquid soap and it was not antibacterial, i added some vitamin E oil that comes in a bottle from the dollar store, she smells great right now and she is so soft, i think we will be using this again!!!....Thanks so much for the dog shampoo recipe!!!

Hi. I've started using a paste of baking SODA mixed with water and while it works great—-even though I still sweat (it's natural, right?!) there's no smell at all—it can be a bit messy to apply and I end up with white clumps on my counter and/or floor.

Coconut oil may help prevent heart disease and high blood pressure due to its effects on cholesterol, and also seems to have digestive benefits (through its effects on gut bacteria) and inflammation-lowering effects (through its high levels of antioxidants).

I've been using this type of home made deodorant for about three years. At the start I developed itchy red bumps under my armpits, though didn't get the peeling you've described. After much experimenting I found that modifying the dry ingredients to 1 part baking soda to 3 parts arrowroot/cornstarch fixed the problem.